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Agnoplay has been created based on our practical knowledge and experience. We’ve been coping with the same challenges, and we made it work! Want to know more?

How Agnoplay saves you time and costs.

Scale fast, switch easily.

Scale fast, switch easily.

Is it time to quickly scale your business? With Agnoplay, configuring new players is just a matter of minutes. And switching between CDNs or third-party integrations can be done on-the-fly.

Enjoy Live Studio.

Enjoy Live Studio.

With Agnoplay Live Studio you can create a live stream quickly and effortlessly, so that you can publish a live stream in seconds. Create engagement and increase visit time on your website.

Relieve your devs.

Relieve your devs.

Is video development impacting your development team too much? Agnoplay will reduce the operational effort needed, hence your developers can focus on the things that really matter.

Seamless integrations.

Seamless integrations.

Enabling 3rd party integrations like Mux Data? Activating Agnoplay in a CMS like Prepr? Or are you switching between integrated solutions? With Agnoplay it’s only a matter of minutes.


Video on Demand

With Agnoplay any on demand video can be played. Either if it concerns HLS, MP4 or MPEG DASH... Agnoplay just serves it all.

Change stream types on-the-fly.

If you want to change the stream type for a specific site or device, then all what is needed is just one mouse click. In case of HLS or DASH you can even instantly change your streaming strategy.

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Agnoplay provides an audio version of the player, facilitating the streaming of podcasts and any other audio files. AAC and MP3 are both being supported.

Ultimate mobile experience.

Especially for playback on mobile devices in native apps, Agnoplay is providing a state-of-the-art mobile experience. For both iOS and Android we offer a full native SDK.


Live streaming

Also live streaming is being supported. Both HLS and RTMP will be streaming seaminglessly through Agnoplay. Including DVR playback if available on the CDN.

Manage easily with Live Studio.

Agnoplay Live Studio makes life easier for your editorial staff. With just a few clicks they can enable and publish any live stream. Even switching stream sources can be done, without any impact for your users.

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