Current version: (AGNO-JavaScript API)

Quick Example

This feature can be used as follows, as a consumer you'll make the following HTTP request:{brand_name}%3FvideoId%3DMbdskc9KsAii

In case of a licensed player please add a license to the query parameters like this{license_key}&{brand_name}%3FvideoId%3DMbdskc9KsAii

The provider (Agnoplay) then responds with an oEmbed response:

  player_config: {
    videoId: "Mbdskc9KsAii",
    brand: "your-brand-name"
  height: 450,
  cache_age: 60,
  version: "1.0",
  provider_url: "",
  title: "Dit is een test voor Leidsch Dagblad #1",
  provider_name: "Agnoplay",
  width: 800,
  thumbnail_url: "",
  thumbnail_width: 800,
  thumbnail_height: 450,
  type: "video",
  html: "<iframe src="" width="800" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>"


The type will be set to "video", "audio" or "live" based on the player configuration of the brand.

Full Spec

The implementation has been done following the oEmbed standard, please review



This is an example of the oEmbed feature.